March 05, 2014

Where to cry in NYC

Out and about?  Need a good cry, but don't know where would be best?  Never fear, this Tumblr is here.
The NYC Crying Guide is my favourite thing on the internet today.  Top-rated places to cry include the Build-A-Bear Workshop at 46th & 5th, and the 7 train. 

Even better, if you have a preferred crying spot, you can submit it for inclusion.  Maybe I should send over a few spots I got to know around the time my senior thesis was due!

What's made you laugh today?

March 04, 2014

Paint it black

I've been really hung up on black walls lately. Of course, a dozen reasons why a black wall isn't an option in my life right now spring to mind, chief among them being that I'm not allowed to paint anything in my rented apartment. But I just can't get these black walls out of my head.

It all started with Jordan at Oh Happy Day's bedroom makeover. 

Just look at that!  Don't you want to curl up and snuggle into that image?  Let's take a look at a few others.

Alaina of Live Creating Yourself//The Everygirl's former office. Source: Live Creating Yourself

This chalkboard wall is enticing too! Source: designsponge

Black brick!  Purrrrrrrrrr.  From Apartment Therapy.

Wowsers, this is elegant.  From Sydney Maag

What about you?  Do you think you could pull off a black wall?  

P.S. Today is March 4th -- so march forth today!

February 26, 2014

It's a sign

It's snowing again right now.  I don't want to talk about it.

I think winter is getting to us.  I'm not a doctor, so I don't know the precise psychological effects of a prolonged stay on the inside of a snowglobe, but I've noticed that the city has gotten pretty snarky lately.  Specifically, the signs.  Is it just me, or have they taken on an attitude?  They have things to say, damn it, and they won't be ignored any longer!  Click through for a roundup of some of the sass I've gotten lately.

4th Avenue Pub, Booklyn.  At least their dead-end jobs involve liquor?

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, beloved readers!  The snow has stopped (for today), the sun is out, and we're free to focus on spreading the love today!

Still looking for something to do tonight?   What says romance better than the subway?

Hop on the luuuurve train (I know, I'm embarrassed by me too) and head to the New York Transit Museum tonight for their annual "Missed Connections" party!  Indulge your romantic side and turn those Craigslist snippets into poetry, art, and music.  Or, if you're feeling nostalgic for valentines past, channel your inner Ralph Wiggum while you decorate cookies or go all out at the crafts table.  There's also tasting of some local Brooklyn treats and a photo booth to immortalise your PDA.  And all in vintage trains and a decommissioned subway station!

Tickets are only $15, or $10 if you're a museum member.  The NY Transit Museum is at the corner of Boerum Place & Schermerhorn St. in downtown Brooklyn.  You can find out more about at the Museum's website, and register for tickets right here.

 What are you doing this Valumtimes?

Image source:  Breakfast at Toast

February 05, 2014

Love notes: Industrial Sydney

You will be unsurprised to hear that as a kid I excited and amazed by the idea of anything even a little bit old.  Since Sydney isn't that old a city, much of its brick-and-mortar heritage comes in the form of old warehouses and other remnants of its industrial past.

I've always loved big old factories and train yards, and while New York has some incredible architectural history, I'm usually wandering among a more polished history than I'd usually seek out in Sydney.  So, in honour of the grit which isn't often to be found on the Upper East Side, a quick tribute to industrial Sydney.

These last two images are of The Grounds of Alexandria, a sprawling cafe in the inner-city suburb of Alexandria.  I've seen and read so much about this stunning place since it opened a few years back that it will be a definite must-visit on my next trip home.

All of the city images from this post are taken from the fabulous blog Sydney - City and Suburbs, which I had a fabulous time scrolling through this morning.  Images of the Grounds at Alexandria are taken from this review.

January 29, 2014

Winter survival kit

Alright, I give in.  It's really cold. 

I've been avoiding it for weeks now - taking cabs where I can, cranking up the heat, and most days not leaving the house at all.  It didn't help that Sunday was Australia Day, either, so my Instagram feed was flooded with happy faces barbecuing on the beach back home.  But I give in!  It's clear that this is happening to us, and the best we can do is bed down inside and stay warm as possible.  In that spirit, here are a few treats to make your hibernation a little more pleasant.

1. Some new jammies from J Crew. Because when you're not leaving the house between Friday afternoon and Monday morning anyway, who needs to get dressed?
2. A whole bunch of tasty-smelling candles.  I keep several lit pretty much all the time when I'm at home, and it makes me feel almost as cozy as if I had a fireplace.
3. A good book.  I'm reading this at the moment, and it's wonderful!  Transport yourself from your frigid present and into a hot and colourful summer with Bryson's engaging and funny history of the summer of 1927.
4. A special mug.  Treating yourself to a nice new mug will make all those hot teas and coffees you're sipping on seem a little more decadent.
5. A little inspiration.  This print is from the Everygirl's new product line and will give you the boost you need to achieve something when you just want to hide in bed until Spring.
6. Give yourself a manicure.  You'll have lots of time to perfect your nails while you're hiding from the freezing wind, and you'll feel like less of a lump for staying in your PJs all weekend.  I love "the lace is on" for the perfect balance of warm and glam.
7. Go out right now and buy yourself a humidifier.  If your apartment is anything like mine - set to the devil's thermostat - your skin and sinuses will thank you forever.  I love this one because its clean lines make it an inoffensive addition to your decor, and it comes in a whole range of colours.  I have one in a solid blue, and it fits right in.

What's your favourite way of coping with the cold?

January 17, 2014

The magical history tour is hoping to take you away

Alright, I'm embarrassed.  It's been nearly two weeks since my past post.

Two weeks?  Is this how fast all of 2014 is going to go?

I wish I could tell you that I haven't been posting because I've been out traveling the globe and living a fabulous life, but the truth is I've really just been at home writing papers.

If you're interested in being a little more active than I'll be this weekend, how about taking yourself on a little New York history tour?  I've been putting together a Pinterest map board of NYC historical sites.  In it, you'll find everything from the Statue of Liberty and Empire State building to some gems a little less trafficked than those, like the Merhant's House Museum.  And of course -- you'll find all of the spots I've featured on the blog.

Check it out!  Sunday looks like it should be a nice day for a little winter walking tour (40F and sunny).  What better way to walk off your brunch?

Anything you'd like to see added? 
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